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Our offordable & attractive packages will give you confirt

Couple Rates

Per couple for Non AC - Rs 3500/-

Per couple for AC - Rs Rs 4500/-

Rs 1800/- for an extra person

Above rates are all inclusive for 24 hrs.

Group Rates (4 people & above)

Rs. 2000/-* per person. All inclusive for 24 hrs.

Package with A/c deluxe room.

(Rates are applicable for only 24 hours)

Group Rate under 5

Rs - 2000 (for non AC)

Rs - 3000 (for AC)

800/- per person - Duration of 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, all inclusive except room.

Room shall cost Rs. 3000/- per room extra.(with AC)

Rates shall be negotiable for week days and in case of bulk booking.

*Rates can be altered according to the customized requirements of customers.

Payment terms - Advanced


  • Kadav's Ganesh Temple
  • Vaijanath Shiv Mandir
  • Gov Vidhyapith
  • Tata Power House
  • 16 waterfalls
  • Pandav Leni
  • King Shivaji's Fort
  • Sarovar

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